The Chief

H.E. Leonel Antonio Chevez

Thank you for following my journey. I hope we can interact and learn more about each other through the exchange of ideas. I am a strong believer in cultural diplomacy.

I am honored to be the only grandson of Francisca Romero, the hereditary chieftess of the Lenca Taulepa, the royal clan of the lenca tribes of Managuara. She survived the slaughter of tribal leaders in 1932’s El Salvador. I was brought up by her since I was nine months old. Under her guidance, I was able to grow, physically, emotionally, spiritually and culturally. In addition to her genome as a gift, I also learned many pearls of wisdom from her. In my twenty one years of living together, we discussed everything we felt needed to be learned and explored by me, to be an effective leader.

Among those learning was her royal language, the so called “Taulepawhich was only used by the royals for ruling purposes and sacred rituals. In addition, I learned much of the oral tradition held by her, which she learned from her grandparents. As the hereditary chief, is my role to represent all lencas from the region and the diaspora. To do this, I have endeavored to gain robust qualifications.

I was fortunate that I ended up exiled in Australia, where I completed a Bachelor Degree in Applied Health Sciences, majoring in Indigenous Health. I also strengthened my academic journey through a Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling. My consulting work, has taken me to further studies, including Neuromarketing. Currently, my interests center in cultural and economical development, prevention of terrorism and radicalization. If you want to know about my culture, you can visit the lenca page. For those who want to know more about my field of professional work, please visit Neuropowergroup.

Human Rights Concerns

The Chief holds serious and ongoing conerns for the plight of the Lenca in Honduras. These concerns are over systematic violation of the rights of indigenous people in the lenca lands, including other lenca-alied tribes and people. The following is an excerpt from the Special Rapporteur of the UN about the people in the Honduran side of the territory.