Resilience Day

Hi my friends. It is 12th October again. Today, all Native Americans face the inevitable anniversary of the fateful encounter between us and the Iberian fleet in 1492, who accidentally run towards Lenca lands. Today, I encourage everyone to think of this date as a marker of our resilience and our given place in humanity. I encourage everyone to reconnect with your ancestral wisdom, rituals and ways of building futures. Let’s learn from our history that robbing and extracting without reciprocity is toxic, destructive and abhorrent. We, who went through victimization and now hoist the flag of survival must tell the world, “enough destruction” and must role model earth care. We must endeavor to build human inclusion, open spaces for diversity of expression, encourage human development, strengthen empathy, make science and wisdom available to many, and with all that, strive to co create our hopeful future. Earth is our only home. Thank you all my brethren indigenous people for being my support. Thank you to all our global friends, who often from their quite place and roles, help us push our agendas forward. Many thanks. Let’s transform from victims to survivors. From hatred to human cooperation.