The lands of Managuara inside the triangle

The word Managuara (Mana-gooara) is the official name of the indigenous lands first inhabited by the ice-age tribes between Veraguas in Panama and Motagua river in Gutaemala. The word is made of two particles, Mana which means strong, powerful, magical, etc. And Guara, which means Macaw. This bird is the “totem” of that region, according to us the tribal authorities. In other sections, I will share the stories of the creation of the land, an event that was led by this mighty bird, who commanded an odd crew of sky beings, to build the land bridge between the two main islands, connecting them with the narrow land bridge. In her honor, the rulers decreed to name the land after the Guara, hence the term Managuara. The garments of the Lenca people, often mixes all colors of the Macaw. For more on this, read the essay here.

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