Cultural diplomacy

Cultural Diplomacy may best be described as a course of actions, which are based on and utilize the exchange of ideas, values, traditions and other aspects of culture or identity. Whether to strengthen relationships, enhance sociocultural cooperation, or promote national interests, Cultural Diplomacy can be practiced by either the public sector, private sector, or civil society.” Dr. Emil Constatinescu.

The ruling clan is by default an arbitrating family. One of the reason for this was the multi tribal make up of the lenca union, with extreme diversity and potential for conflict. The kingdom was made of drifting peoples from the north and from the south, converging in the middle. The head piece of the chief exhibit the thee feathers, the opposed views and the middle feather that includes and unifies. The monarchy is a mediator body, an entity that despite many wars and catastrophes, has survived. These days, the lenca chief is actively engaged in cultural diplomacy as tool of engagement, persuasion and cooperation. Some exchanges are between individuals, NGO’s, tribes and officials of the contemporary states. How can the role of the Lenca chief support your project? please let us know.


The role of the sky beings in the construction of Managuara, our land, is a central oral tradition that has been passed down through generations of lenca sages. In this narrative, we give praise to a collection of misfits from the sky. They descended from the stars. They commanded great floating canoes. I was privileged enough to see carvings of these flying things. Others have also documented stone carvings in our ancient territories showing the same items. So, I guess if your land is built by other species, is only natural for a human society to develop a sense of normality about “the other”.Among those coming from the sky were the monkeys, they were the master planners who drafted the landfill that is now Central America. The graphics here is from drawings from 1880s, when the envoy of the U.S to Central America, documented the odd series of sky creatures and craft that we praised for building our land. It is worth noting that we never mistook them with gods or deities, these were crew of builders, is how we refer to them. Unfortunately, the Mexican migration into our lands during the expansion and collapse of northern kingdoms, saw our stories being forgotten or hybridized with Nahuat stories. For instance, we don’t have kukulkan or feathered serpent god. However, we had Shishintora sierpes,who alongn other strange friends from the sky, built our homeland. So, much to discuss when it comes to sky crew who built Managuara. I hope I share more on this in future posts.