Vaccine on its way

Today,reading the news about the UK and the approval of the vaccine, has my hopes high. I, just like many, has lost friends and relatives to Covid. Iam privileged to live in Queensland Australia, where we eradicated the virus early. However, mi relatives and friends in other latitudes had different plight. I have been following very closely the vaccine development, looking at the data and hoping all goes well. This week, finally, the dataset from three vaccine projects yielded awesome news. Iam confident we have viable prevention. The current measures of hygiene, care, treatments, testing, tracing, isolating, will continue saving lives. The vaccine however, will act as a barrier in the population, to slow viral transmission. Once the virus is not welcomed in many people, its capability to incubate and jump onto other people, will diminish. Iam strongly supporting the upcoming vaccination drives worldwide.

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