Food and ancestors

In November, many indigenous families in the Americas, joyfully prepare the delicacies to honor the two days dedicated to the loved ones who have died. In Spanish language is El Dia de los Difuntos. In Mexicanized vernacula is known as El Dia de los Muertos. Whatever we call it, it remines one of our cultural assets that we need to treasure. When we, the living ones, make an effort to remember, celebrate and reward the spirit of those who left, we demonstrate respect and unconditional love. When you think about, the dead are gone, they cannot help us in human activities. Therefore, to honor and offer food and songs is the ultimate gift, because is not a payment for productivity on their part, it is purely honor and love. I am very happy to hear that many of our lencas, still celebrate in some way, the memory of those who built our lineages and went. To expand on the concept, I will be taking part in an online discussion on Saturday 19th October. Our cultural officer in California will moderate the call. May we all rejoice in the memorial ancestral week.

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